Application Fee? 


How much is the deposit? 

Matches rent with average credit

What is the minimum lease length? 

 12 months

Do you allow pets? 

Yes, we are a pet friendly community!

Are the yards fenced?

Yes, some are. 

Where can I find a copy of my lease? 

In your portal

Can I pay online?

Yes, you can pay online in your portal. 

What is the pet fee per month? 

$45 a month per pet 

What is the non-refundable pet fee? 

Ranges from $250-$850 per pet depending on pet type and breed. 

What utilities am I responsible for? 

Gas and electric 

Mail key?

You are responsible to get your own mail key. Take a copy of your lease that you can find in your portal to the post office and they will give you the keys.

Where can I go to schedule a showing?

Schedule Here

What is the application process?

Apply through the link below and you will receive feedback in 1-2 business days. Apply Now

Do we require renters insurance? 


What is the guest policy?

Guests are allowed to come and park in your driveway or guest parking. If you have a guest (like a parent) coming out of state to visit for a week we need to be notified and you need to have a guest parking pass.

What is your late fee policy?

There is a 10% late fee applied after the 3rd of the month. 

What is your subletting policy?

No subletting

When do I get my security deposit back after moving out?

30 days after your lease expiration date you will receive a closing statement sent to your forwarding address. (Please make sure to give us your forwarding address upon moving out)

What is the community and retailer ID for 21st mortgage?

Canyon View Community ID 37913 - Canyon View Retailer ID 2597-703 - Mammoth Community ID 24986 - Mammoth Retailer ID 2597-702

When is trash day?